What would your life be like if you could work fully remote, have a flexible schedule, while earning a great income?

For new EA’s or those transitioning into remote work desiring a flexible schedule. I created an entire business around everything in this certification program.

Here's What's Included:

  • Group coaching group for three months 

  • An opportunity to apply for our provider directory 

  • Your foundation to build a remote business or work remotely for your current employer 

  • 3-part framework; communication, organization, and support strategies

  • Your EA Toolkit; time-saving templates will save you countless hours while wowing your client!

Every certificate investment enables us to train a military caregiver, bringing financial stability to disabled veteran families. When you buy one, you give one and together we make an impact.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 3

    Your Foundation - Do This FIRST!

    • Workbook: Introduction

    • Your Foundation - Training Video

    • Identify Your WHY

    • Identify your STRENGTHS

    • Determine your SERVICES

    • Balancing WORK AND LIFE

    • Resources

    • Group Coffee Chat_March 5, 2021

  • 4

    MODULE ONE: Essentials - The Servant-Hearted EA: Executive Assistant Training

    • Module One Goals: Essentials

    • EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT PILLARS: Communication, Organization, Support (Relationship)

    • Pillar One: Communication

    • Video Training: Communication

    • Live Group Training: 3/11/21

    • Your EA Project Hub

    • Communication Links + Homework Challenge

    • Pillar Two: Organization

    • Video Training: Organization

    • Live Group Training: 3/18/21

    • Organization Links + Homework Challenge

    • Pillar Three: Support - The A-Player

    • Video Training: Support

    • Live Group Training 3/25/21

    • Support: Homework Challenge + Link

    • Implementation + Links

    • Interview with Melissa's Client Part One

    • Interview with Melissa's Client Part Two

    • Live Training_How to respond to client opportunities and The EA Toolkit Overview

  • 5

    MODULE TWO: CEO - Creating your Business Framework

  • 6

    MODULE THREE: FLOW - Establishing Your Work/Life Balance

    • Workbook: Work-Life Balance

    • Module Three Goals: Establishing Your Work/Life Balance

    • Step One - Getting into your daily workflow

    • Step Two - Working with clients

    • Step Three - Creating a business that works with your lifestyle

    • Step Four - Self-care

  • 7


    • Your EA Toolkit + Templates

    • EA Trello Board

  • 8


    • Tools I Use

  • 9


Ready to change your life?

Enroll now and let's take this journey together!